Thursday, August 13, 2015

market square

after a month of walking
our legs have been conditioned for distance.
on the weekend, we headed into town to check out the flea market 
in our very own market square on johnson street.
it was an awesome gathering of vendors...lots of things to check out!!!
but guess what- although i looked and i sifted and i perused the tables as much as the next flea market enthusiast...i didn't buy anything.
oh...there were beautiful things, some came with bargain basement prices but
 nothing moved me towards purchasing them.
it may be because my home is full of stuff and needs a major decluttering.
or it could be because i am so full of paris memories 
and this has somehow satiated my need to consume.
i have never been much of a shopper (unless you bring me to a grocery store) but 
book stands and vintage clothing racks have always been my points of least resistance.
its a wonderful feelling
being surrounded by the material, and not be consumed by it.

having said that, i also have to admit...
i would probably be telling you a different story
if i we had stumbled into a farmers market full of cheese vendors.



  1. That looks like an awesome flea market. I love to just wander around markets like that, every once in a while I might find a treasure to bring home, but usually, just a walk around is all I need.

  2. Like you I am not a shopper, but books and yarn do make my heart beat a little faster. I love to browse flea markets or little antique stores, just to look, not buy. I have a home full of things that I love and am quite content not to add to it.
    I hope you enjoy a great weekend.
    PS- Yes, I have always homeschooled Alex.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!