Wednesday, February 17, 2016

fun stuff: blue inspiration

you probably already know that i'm obsessed with blue glass.
my house is filled with it.

well...i found some beautiful glass necklaces 
(on the dollar rack - if you can believe it !?!)
while we were up island on a bit of a holiday a couple of weekends ago.

they were priced so low (onliwandolla!!) - i bought all three (and thank goodness there were only three left to buy or my will power would have really been tested LOL)

to make a long story short,
the blue glass inspired a blue scrap blanket...which is now on the needles!!
i finished andre alexis' fifteen dogs (it was a great read...if you're into greek mythology and/or furry canines you will have to read this thought provoking novel)

i'm still reading john lanchester's capital.  i'm halfway through and i'm not so in a rush to finish because one of my friends accidentally spoiled the ending for me.

in the meantime...i've picked up pico iyer's the art of stillness. it is a very short and beautiful read about staycations of a deeper kind.  i'm on my second run of it.
and for springtime dreaming...i signed out gayla trail's grow great grub.  
i'm definitely doing this folks !! (fingers and green thumbs crossed)
what are you knitting? reading?
care to share



  1. That blue is stunning! I am reading The Long Winter to my kids right now, and knitting scarves that I have a feeling won't be useful by the time they are was 50 here yesterday...of course that was following below zero temps, so maybe there is still time for some cold weather wear :-)

  2. That colour is fabulous. Are you going to use the beads in the blanket or do you have another use in mind?

  3. LOVE the blue. Azure blue reminds me of the French Riviera - I bet it looks lovely on you.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!