Thursday, February 25, 2016

after yoga

to alleviate some teen stress
i registered both my teenagers in a yoga class.
last night was their first full session
and guess what...they loved it!!!
it took a little bit of coaxing (ok...a lot)
and a little bit of bribing (the bubble tea reward really worked)
but i got them there in their yoga pants and yoga mats.
 the yoga den was located in the heart of victoria's china town
so ian and i were able to walk the waterfront while they were in session.
it was a gorgeous evening
with lots of copper and gold to accent the day.

f.y.i.  that was the copper dragon 
made of a thousand canadian pennies at the bubble tea place



  1. Cool copper dragon! And how awesome that they were willing, even with a bit a bribing, to give it a go. Glad they enjoyed it.

  2. Clever!
    That is a great idea, beautiful photos!

  3. you are a good mama :) I would love it too!!!

  4. That's a little weird, I have never heard of bubble tea before this morning. This is the second blog in a row to mention it!

    Well done you for convincing them to give it a go, so glad they liked it ;)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!