Monday, February 1, 2016

burning to become

i can tell you some things i know about spring.
that it's about bursting.
it's about renewal.
it's about relearning.
and it's about becoming.

and you know what?
it's also about discomfort.
it burns to become.
but you can't avoid it.
step into it.
own it.

                       -victoria erickson
spring has arrived (whether we welcome it or not !!!)
springtime in victoria is probably the longest season of our year - starting usually 
around mid january (if not earlier) and going until late may or june.
we have become adept creatures of renewal, of relearning, and of becoming,
i think this is mainly because most of us start the process 
right after putting away our christmas decorations.

my mother-in-love moved into her new assisted living space this weekend.
for her, in her eighty-second year, it is yet another
 season of renewal, relearning and becoming.
we spent the weekend helping her move, unpack and 
hang some of her favourite paintings on the wall.
i brought my cutting shears and combs and gave her a fresh new haircut. 
(it looks great and showcases her brand new earrings!!!)

she was a wee bit tired the day of the move 
and a little shy of meeting the other residents,
but after the haircut she was a brand new brave/braver/bravest soul 
and ended up enjoying all the other ladies she shared her dinner table with that evening.

yes...renewal, relearning and becoming...
it's a skill to keep practicing even at eighty two !!!


p.s.  it is a very, very nice place... and i want to move in with her !!!


  1. Wow- that's a great quote! It's so sweet that you all are being so considerate of her making her move uplifting and fun. I hope she loves it , haircut & new home. Victoria is where we want to visit next- it's so beautiful- if it becomes a reality, I am contacting you for some good spots to visit. Xo

  2. I love that quote! So happy she got moved into her new home, and that you all made the transition a good one. All the best to her in her new home.

  3. What a wonderful way to assist you mother in love into the next stage of her life. I hope she continues to be happy in her new home.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!