Monday, November 9, 2015


we made it back to the shore this weekend.
the rain stopped pouring down and the beach called everyone out for a stroll.

the oppressive, dark, grey skies are slowly getting to me.
so, yesterday, i treated myself to a box of 100watt light bulbs !!!
now - reading/writing/knitting is so much more enjoyable 
(how in the world did people do books by candlelight?)

we visited grandma in her modern flat on saturday.
she has filled her little patio garden with flowers and plants of all sorts.
such happy, colourful blooms she has collected, 
and her place is starting to look like a little floral boutique.
she hadn't realized about last weekend's daylight savings 
and was grateful that ian came and adjusted her clocks.

we ended the weekend with some vietnamese pho, some bubble tea, and a pizza.
ohhh...and a few giggly episodes of faulty towers.


joining karen


  1. Oh the shore, I 'm so happy you made it there. I am feeling the tug myself to visit the ocean.
    It has rained here for weeks with only a tiny break in the clouds, but today is suppose to
    be the last day of rain for awhile and to say that I am thrilled would be an understatement.
    I am so ready to see sunshine and hopefully my land can start to dry out.
    Enjoy a great week my dear friend.

  2. Stunning photo! Sounds like a good weekend, I hope your week is just as wonderful!

  3. you are lucky to live near the ocean, the photo is just stunning! Sounds like a great weekend and I've yet to have bubble tea....I think I need to have it!! Lovely weekend.

  4. What a wonderful photo, I wish I lived near a beach like that. Sounds like a perfect weekend, I love Faulty Towers too!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!