Tuesday, November 10, 2015

fun stuff: nearing completion

 my pink/yellow/orange scrap blanket is nearing completion (only a foot or two to go ?!?)
i've been knitting these blankets to cover the size of a single twin bed but surprisingly, when i stretch them out, they will actually cover a double size.

my basket of scrap yarn is slowly diminishing.
soon it will be time to sift through the thrift shop bins for balls of scrap yarn 
and/or old sweaters to be unravelled.
 i'm in the middle of karen joy fowler's 
we are all completely beside ourselves

it is a really great read that i could easily spoil for you if i said anything more than that.

put it on your list  !!!
(if you're in the market for great fiction that analyzes family dynamics)

 what are you knitting? reading?
care to share?



  1. I just picked this book up from the library! I have another book to finish and then I am diving in! Thanks for the recommendation! Love your blanket!

  2. Oh how incredible to see them nearly finished - it's going to be a very snuggly warm winter with you this year :)

  3. I love it, the stripes are beautiful :)

  4. Oh so close to be finished. I bet that feels awesome!

  5. The scrap blanket is looking fantastic! I plan to do a memory blanket with my leftover yarns one day.

  6. I love the blanket Erica and how exciting to know you will be casting off soon.
    The book is on my list!

  7. I might like that book! I'll check it out! Your knitting is lovely, ambitious and free form!

  8. Your blanket will be done just in time for the cooler weather. Now it's time to decide what's next on the needles!

  9. I keep saying that I will one day start a scrap blanket. This is beautiful!

  10. My blanket is only half the size of yours. I LOVE yours. Perhaps YOU are the one who started me on this pattern? ? With the seam? In the round?


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!