Tuesday, November 17, 2015

fun stuff: duck weather knits and reads

it is just coming down in buckets out there 
as i sit here in my writing corner composing this post.
harlow did NOT enjoy his walk this morning - my poor wet dog,
i tried to share my umbrella with him but he wouldn't come under with me.
all day today, the weatherman is predicting very fine weather for ducks...
 so... i will be puttering indoors today (yay!!!)
and picking up and working on my purple scrap blanket during my little breaks.
i'm still reading we are all completely beside ourselves but have had to put it aside.
i was able to get hold of a copy of camilla gibb's this is happy (previously, i had to return it before finishing the first time i took it out of the library)

this is happy wasn't a very happy book
but i loved it.
i think it is autobiographical, gibb describes a lot of her experiences with depression.
what i enjoyed most about it is how she writes about 
her relationship with her filipino nanny.

i was born in the philippines and grew up in canada and my filipino/canadian up bringing always gave me an awkwardness with meeting/being/associating 
with women who come to work as nannies.
this book touched on so many issues about caring and caregivers 
and did so with such eloquence and honesty.
read it !!!



  1. Weather for ducks indeed! Over here it's Avery dark and stormy night and definitely one for snuggling up with good knitting and a book!

  2. It is weather for ducks here too. I hope you have enjoyed you time hibernating with your knitting and reading.

  3. Your weather for the ducks is coming our way tomorrow, but that's okay, because I got the fireplace fixed today, I have a stack of books to read, and a little knitting to do as well. Let it rain :)

    Loving the blanket my friend.

  4. Your blanket is turning out really nicely :)

  5. It is gale force winds and horizontal rains here. Love your purple blanket, it looks cosy and warm.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!