Wednesday, April 6, 2016

thrifted threads: blue sky, palm trees and denim

for two weeks, we were under the blue, bluer, bluest california skies!!
the palm trees were useless for shade but 
they sure were stunning standing tall against the cloudless.
(i couldn't stop taking photos of them!!!)
for 'what i wore wednesday'
i'm wearing my stretchy denim jacket, 
a blue t-shirt and my new-to-me indigo skirt 
that i found in a thrift shop in a little town called san luis obispo.
i noticed several thrift stores during our travels,
but the palm trees and the endless sandy beaches helped quell my thrift addiction.
the palm trees (and fresh mexican food) were everywhere...
several times it seemed like we were in mexico, and not california.
yup...we filled up with salsa, tacos and burritos, 
plus numerous big breakfasts (that came with our hotel accomodations)
so now the spring cleansing begins...
wishing you all a very happy hump day !!


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