Thursday, December 17, 2015

the twinkle is ON

                 not slowly wrought, nor treasured for their form
              in heaven, but by the blind self of the storm
 spun off, each driven individual
     perfected in the moment of its fall.

                      -howard nemerov, "snowflakes"
yes...i'm finally getting into the spirit of the season.
our tree went up this past weekend and the twinkle is ON.

with nana mouskouri singing in the background, my kids and i spent the afternoon
stringing these thrifted snowflake ornaments i found last year.

buried and hidden in the corner of a local thrift shop, 
was a whole basket of these delicate crocheted beauties 
selling for a nickle a piece (can you believe it?????)

what is even more that, in this hand crafted collection, 
there is very few doubling in design...almost like real snowflakes !!!

there is very little chance of snow in our little west coast island for this holiday season.
so you can imagine how these snowflakes...are purely magical for us.

isn't it wonderful to find magic in something so delicate...
as a snowflake,
or a twinkle?

wanna know a secret?...
( i haven't started my christmas shopping yet)


  1. Wow! What a fantastic thrift-store find!!

  2. What a find!! Are you kidding...have fun shopping :)

  3. You are the thrift queen! Those are gorgeous.
    You aren't the only one without snow this year!

  4. you found treasures!! Beautiful!! I cannot believe someone gave them up, I'm thinking an old lady died and they donated her hard work. Have fun getting all that shopping done :) We will have NO snow....

  5. Oh they are beautiful what a find! Such delicate creations.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!