Tuesday, December 22, 2015

solstice light up

solstice came to our little corner with hardly any light this year... 
it was dark and gray and stormy and wet alllllll day long.
after a very successful cross-things-off-the-christmas-list morning, 
we came home and lit up for a solstice celebration.
we had been to an annual solstice party the night before, 
so we were still in the celebratory mode.
we loaded up the cd player with our favourite christmas cds, prepared a roast and some potatoes and veggies for dinner, then sat around enjoying the glow of candle light.

it's amazing how festive one can feel, 
once chocolate and eggnog gets into your system !!!
we had so much to celebrate this solstice evening:
* from now on, the days are only going to get longer and brighter,
* family, from far and farther still, have descended and will continue to arrive
 on the island to celebrate christmas with us,
*although it has been a very stressful work and school term, we have all survived and  learned some valuable coping mechanisms in the process, 
*once we tackled the christmas list, the grinch inside us/me seems to have 
left our/my constitution(s) for another year,
* ian's roast just gets better each time he makes it !!!
harlow doesn't like the rain (especially torrential downpours)...
harlow loves his pillow...
so here is harlow celebrating solstice.
he was definitely dreaming about the roast !!!



  1. Oh wow that looks so beautiful, what a lovely way to celebrate the solstice!

  2. lovely celebrations! Frodo isn't a fan of rain either. He will hold it until it's absolutely necessary to go outside. And he is stubborn.

  3. What a beautiful celebration. It all looks so lovely.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!