Wednesday, December 30, 2015

fun stuff: daring greatly

five days after christmas...
and i'm here with my knitting (yes...i've started another scrap blanket)
and the book that mesmerized me for at least a month.

i discovered brene brown through a friend who shared her TED talk 
on her facebook page.
have you seen it yet?

like always i am five years behind everyone (when it comes to social media)
this came out ages ago...and i've just stumbled onto it !!!

it's powerful brown has done such a thoroughly amazing volume of work.

and guess what i got for christmas?
a non-library copy...yes, my very own copy so i can highlight 
as much as my heart desires...of her book daring greatly

read it, if you haven't yet,  guaranteed you'll be mesmerized !!!



  1. Brene Brown keeps popping up in my different online spots - I'll have to finally check out the book! Thanks for linking up the TED talk - love those!

  2. I haven't read the book, but for some reason the name Brene Brown sounds familiar. I will take your recommendation and read the book!
    Happy New Year my friend :)

  3. Oh that is a very pretty new blanket! And thank you for the top tip for Brene Brown, I've heard her mentioned in the same breath as Elizabeth Gilbert so I'm very tempted to try to find a copy :)

  4. I only discovered Brene Brown recently but I like what she has to say. I'm hoping to read at least one of her books in the coming year. Pretty colors on your blanket! :)

  5. The blanket is looking lovely. A new author on me, I am off to find out more, thank you for sharing.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!